Real Talk

Us vs. Them

There is a pit in my gut that is filled with disgust and frustration against the people who say they know christ but don’t represent the God that I follow. For the last couple weeks I have been struggling with wanting to write a blog towards Christians regarding judgment and the lack of love I see on a daily basis either on Facebook, in conversations, etc. People are not perfect and neither am I, so I understand to a point, but this lack of love mentality practiced in the name of my God needs to end. So instead of continuing with my opinions and emotions regarding this subject, I feel lead to write a prayer for us all. A prayer that we can say as a family of believers to keep us in check with the “us vs them” mentality. Just because we are believers doesn’t make “us” better than non-believers “them”.

Holy spirit, give me your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Protect my heart and mind from leaning towards unrighteous judgment. Jesus, help me to love your people the way you did while you were on earth. Help me to be empathetic, graceful and forgiving. In all conversations lead me. I want less of me and more of You. Holy spirit guide my thoughts and correct my heart. Help me to see all people as your people, believers or not. Give me discernment with grace, assertiveness in my beliefs while being respectful in my words, thoughts and actions. Protect my heart but also break it for what breaks yours. You are so good to me. I want more of you and less of me. Guide me God, be my mouth, eyes and ears. Make me vulnerable to your Holy Spirit. Help me to selflessly make an impact in this world. Help me to give you the glory. Remind me that even with all of the evil in this world, you made a purpose for each and every individual on this planet. Help me to take that seriously. Thank you for your grace, forgiveness and love that is so undeserving. Amen.

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