Nursery Decor and Organization

I cannot wait to start decorating and organizing the nursery! I’m planning on having a clean, simple and organized space for the baby.

Here is my inspiration board with items from my registry.


I want to keep everything together and easy to reach. That is why I love the dresser/changing table combo. It has so much storage on the right for diaper changing necessities and crib sheets. I love the metal roller cart because it will transition well to organize things like toys and books when she is older. I’m planning on storing  burp cloths, wraps, blankets, etc for now.

I have nannied for a couple families and have realized the importance of a comfy rocker. I can’t tell you how often I found myself with a sick or overly tired child who wouldn’t sleep or take a bottle unless I was rocking them, and if that rocker is uncomfortable it can make you crazy. The rocker on my registry is a recliner, rocker and it swivels! I’m super excited about it. I most likely will have it in my bedroom in the beginning.

For the first 6 months or so, baby Shrull will sleep in our bedroom before transitioning to her own room. I’m planning on using a bassinet near our bed. Here is what we are planning to use in our bedroom and/or around the house.


I never thought I would be excited about a diaper caddy, but I am lol. The one I have has a night light on the handle for night time diaper changing. I’m also super stoked about the baby swing. It is like one I used when I was a nanny and it worked perfectly for that baby (fingers crossed she likes it too).

If you want to see all of the things on my registry, feel free to take a peak! The Target registry has more of the necessities than the Amazon one, but Amazon has the cutest baby girl boho clothes and I’m obsessed with them.

Target Registry

Amazing Registry

Thanks for the read!

xoxo, shelby

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