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Let’s fight the urge to hate when we can’t relate

We live in a time where everyone has an opinion they want to share. Whether it’s politics, feminism, religion, race or sexuality, it usually causes a hateful outcome. People seem to have lost respect in their approach to speak their truth and it is so draining to watch. I’m screaming inside over how people can so easily hurt one another. Now, understand I know not everyone has gotten to this point but majority has.

Recently, I read an article about homosexuality and Christianity; one of the most talked about controversial subjects I’ve encountered since becoming a Christian. I’ve been so disappointed reading comments on social media about this subject. I stopped reading articles a while ago regarding anything controversial because of all the hate. But, today I happen to read one and the comments were yet again, hateful.

So my point in all of this is what would Jesus actually do in a modern world where sexuality is many things and homosexuality is more accepted than ever? Now this a rhetorical question, ask yourself it, because I don’t want a lovely online argument. The Jesus I know, the Man that changed my entire outlook on life, loved me even when I was the lustful, confused, party driven, attention seeking, broken, little sinful punk I was before I ever accepted Him as my one and only Savior.

I’m so sick of the hate. We all have a right to our opinions and our truths. You are allowed your own opinion, that is your God given, free will right. But for the love, let’s be mindful in our approach in speaking our truth. We have so much love to give, but it is killed by the hate in our words. I never post anything like this, and I may even regret it, but I can’t handle watching a group of people be hated just because of who they choose to love, or who they choose to be.

I will never relate to homosexuality, I will never understand. What I do understand is all of us have the same heavenly father that knows each of us better than we know ourselves and if we all loved a little more, and spoke up for those who are treated poorly even when we don’t understand, or don’t agree with, we could start to put a stop to the evil in this world that is literally killing and destroying the very best thing about us, love.

To conclude: you must all have the same attitude and the same feelings; love one another, and be kind and humble with one another. Do not pay back evil with evil or cursing with cursing; instead, pay back with a blessing, because a blessing is what God promised to give you when he called you. (1 Peter 3:8-9)

Above everything, love one another earnestly, because love covers over many sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

The message you heard from the very beginning is this: we must love one another. (1 John 3:11)

And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. (John 13:34)

Be always humble, gentle, and patient. Show your love by being tolerant with one another. Do your best to preserve the unity which the Spirit gives by means of the peace that binds you together. (Ephesians 4:2-3)

Xoxo, Shelby

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