Tiger Gems Wedding Ring

Hi friends!

I am so excited about this post! For my 5 year anniversary my husband bought me a gorgeous wedding set from a talented women named Tabitha. She runs her own business, Tiger Gems. She makes amazing jewelry from earrings, necklaces, wedding sets, rings and bands. I’m in love with my wedding rings! I just received another ring from her shop, and I’m obsessed!

My Wedding Set

3/4 ctw Art Deco Halo Set

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2.25 Oval Accented Ring


They are GORGEOUS! These rings are budget friendly and the settings are perfect. Two years ago when I showed my husband some rings from Tabitha’s site, I was so excited because I hadn’t seen many rings like the one my husband ended up buying me. Seven years ago my husband and I got my wedding set from a chain jewelry store. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ring we got and it means so much to me, but when buying that one we were on a strict budget.

I love that Tabitha’s jewelry is affordable and beautiful. I have my dream ring at a price that didn’t break the bank. I’m a forever supporter of Tiger Gems. Tabitha’s work is beautiful, and her customer service is great. I’m so thankful I found her on Instagram a couple of years ago! I want you to know that I honestly love my rings, and I highly recommend visiting Tabitha’s website!

Use the promo code: THESHIBBYJEAN to receive 15%  off your order!

Tabitha’s Instagram

My Ring Instagram Video



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