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Happy Sunday!

I want to start out by saying, I do not know everything about loosing weight or working out. I am just starting out and learning.

If you follow me on instagram, you know I have been eating healthy and trying to work out 3 times a week. So far, I have lost 6.8 pounds since I started this journey January 3rd. My husband has been a huge help when it comes to eating healthy. He has lost 65 pounds in the last year in a half. We try to plan our meals, and only buy the necessities at the grocery store. Eating healthy has actually saved us money. Besides my birthday week last week, we rarely eat out. We used to eat out a lot! I try to eat 6 small meals throughout the day instead of eating 3 large meals. It can be hard, but I have noticed that I am not as hungry and don’t eat as much as I used to. I have added links to some yummy recipes under each meal listed. So, here is what we have been eating.


For breakfast we eat oatmeal, smartzone’s frozen breakfast, banana with peanut butter, and granola. Whatever you choose to eat, make sure you read the back label to see what is in the food. Here are my FAVORITE on-the-go foods for breakfast.

ThinkThin Oatmeal

Kodiak Cakes Chocolate Muffin

Kodiak Granola


Egg & Avocado Toast


We eat a lot of salmon, probably more than any meat. We don’t add much to the salmon. Just a table-spoon of olive oil over 2 pieces of salmon in a baking dish, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme, basil, rosemary or parsley. If you want more that on your salmon, try this Easy Salmon Recipe below.

Easy Salmon Recipe

We like to have steak and pin wheels every couple of weeks. My husband cooks these much better than I do. Here are a few recipes.

Feta Cheese Pin Wheel

Steak – We use less butter for this recipe

For chicken dishes, I make baked chicken with veggies. Here is my favorite recipes.

Chicken with broccoli, and other veggies

Autumn Chicken Dinner

Jicama tacos are a staple in our house. We use Jicama tortillas, ground turkey, avocado, and a small amount of shredded cheese. I make homemade taco seasoning. The stuff in the packet has a lot of sodium. Here is the taco seasoning I make.

Taco Seasoning – I use real garlic instead of garlic powder.


We like to switch up the sides so we don’t get sick of eating the same thing. We make sweet potato fries, mash potatoes, and dice and bake the sweet potatoes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, eggplant and a spinich salad.

Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Mashed Potatoes


Roasted asparagus

Eggplant chips


Rice Cakes


Rice Rollers – Eat with 1 TBS of Peanut butter.

Healthy Choice Steamers

We make healthy wrap, that is just one slice of cheese, a few slices of meat, and one carb balance tortilla.


Of course, this isn’t everything we eat, but its most of our more common foods/meals we eat often. Loosing weight is about portion control, and your eating habits. Working out is super important, but if you’re trying to lose weight, it starts with what you’re putting into your body.




Thanks for reading!



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