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Guest Bathroom

We have been in our new home for about 6 months. It has been crazy! Our guest bathroom was a pretty easy and a fast project compared to the rest, and I am happy that it is almost finished!

So here is our progress!


The previous owners put wallpaper board on the wall. Never had seen something like it before. Removing the board seemed to be unnecessary work. The walls underneath the board has yellow/brown wallpaper on it. So, I decided to test out painting it to see what would happen.


I used a semi-gloss Valspar white paint/primer for the walls. My husband removed the popcorn ceiling and I painted it with the same paint as the walls.


I love how the cabinets turned out! I wanted a minty blue, or soft blue, and I fell in the love with this color! The color is Blue Arrow, Valspar Renew, Semigloss. The cabinet knobs were an ad on item from amazon. I love how they compliment the cabinet color.



We replaced the old vanity light with a new one. I got it online from Lowes for a little over $20! It is the same color of the cabinet knobs. The hand towels are from target and the towel hooks are from Decor Steals. I have a obession with Decor Steals! I highly recommend checking them out!

We still need to replace the faucet, add a frame to the mirror, and replace the tub but I’m really happy with how it turned out!




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