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Our Kitchen Reno!

Our kitchen renovation has been a lot of work, and it isn’t even finished yet! If your thinking about updating your kitchen, hopefully this will be helpful!

In June we bought this house. We love it, but it has been and will be a ton of work! The house was built in the 1980’s and it has had many owners; owners that thought they were contractors. So there is a lot to fix! This kitchen is one of them. It used to be bright yellow. The cabinets were sticky and smelled horrible. The previous owners were smokers, and they smoked in the house, except the bedrooms. So this kitchen was smelly, bright and sticky. These pictures don’t do that yellow justice! It was SO bright!


We removed every cabinet and drawer to sand them down and prep them for paint. Painting the kitchen cabinets was a lot of work! My husband and I used a hand sander and sand paper from Lowe’s.



Don’t mind our crazy mess! 😉

My amazing husband took off the cabinets that used to be on this wall. We are in the process of building shelves that will replace the cabinet.


I painted the cabinets before the walls, so I could test colors next to the cabinets to see what wall color would look best with the cabinet colors.



For the cabinets I used Valspar Satin Latex Interior Paint and Primer in the color Ultra White. For the drawers I used Valspar Satin Latex Interior Paint and Primer in the color Hazy Stratus. I waited 1 hour between coats of paint. I used mini foam rollers to paint the large parts because the roller doesn’t leave lines like a paint brush. I only used a paint brush for the trim of the cabinet and drawers.


After we put everything back together I painted 2 coats of Polycrylic on the cabinets and drawers. From there some friends and I painted the walls! We used Olympic Assure Paint and Primer Semi-Gloss in the color Fog.


After the paint was done I started on the counter tops and back splash. I wanted to do everything as inexpensive as possible. We have a lot of house to renovate so the least money spent on cosmetic the better!

For the counter tops I used paint! I painted 4 coats of Ultra White Semi-Gloss Paint. I let the counter tops dry for 4 hours in between. After that I painted 4 coats of Polycrylic on the counter tops. I let it dry for 2 hours in between coats. Then I let a week pass before I put anything back on the counter tops. Felt like it took forever!


For the back splash I used bead board wallpaper!! It cost $15.97 from Lowe’s. I used a wallpaper smoothing tool that only cost me $5.98! I measured and cut them myself, dipped the wallpaper in the water in the kitchen sink until the glue was sticky and then I put it up!



This wallpaper is meant to be painted. I will be painting it white soon. Once it is painted the wallpaper won’t be exposed and in a way will be sealed by the paint. This will help for cleaning purposes.

Sooooo, here it is!


I’m so happy with how the kitchen has turned out so far! The moment that yellow paint was gone was amazing!! There is so much more to do in this kitchen! Light fixtures will be replaced, that awful popcorn ceiling with be gone, trim will be added to the cabinets, and shelves will be put up! I can’t wait!

Have any questions on details? Let me know!






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