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Waco Day Trip


Over the weekend a friend and I went to Waco, TX. It was super fun! I recommend going to Waco not just for the amazing Magnolia Market but for the many other amazing shops!

 Magnolia Market has so many fun things! I wanted to buy everything but I had to have some self control so I only got a few things.

One of my favorite places we went was Junky Monkey! I found some really inexpensive shutters. I have been looking for something to hide the cords hanging from my TV. The cords have been driving me mad, so I used the shutters to block them. These shutters made my day. You can’t even tell that they are PLASTIC! Crazy right? They do not weigh a lot and they were really easy to put up. Also, the ladies there were very helpful and everything there is one of a kind!

20151121_171834 - Copy20151121_17174820151122_13544720151122_135257

After this shopping trip I just had to decorate for Christmas. I am so pleased with how everything came out. I get a lot of my decor at Target, Hobby Lobby, and random antique shops. My friend recently recommended Decorsteals.com and I am obsessed with it. The wooden crates and the cotton on my white bookcase are from Decorsteals.com



Here are the places I recommend going to if you’re ever near Waco, TX.

  1. Magnolia Market

  2. Junky Monkey

  3. Roots

  4. Junque in the Trunk

  5. Harp Design Co.

  6. Cedar Chest

  7. Shades of Shabby

  8. Spice Village

Thanks for reading! Have a great Sunday!

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