Real Talk

My First Post!

Well hello there!

In honor of my first post, I wanted to dedicate it to my amazing husband. He and I have been through quite a bit in our 5 years of marriage. We have grown a lot and have come so far. We got engaged at 18 years old and married at 19 years old. I learned real quickly that marriage is really hard, especially when you’re 19 years old. When we announced we were getting married some people were happy, but some were more worried than we were. I wasn’t worried, I knew God would lead us. It wasn’t always easy, or fun, but you only get out what you put in. We learned we had to work on ourselves and work together to grow. I still get strange looks when people find out we have been married for 5 years and we’re only 24 years old, but it’s okay. We are still learning, and it is still hard, but it’s worth it. I love my husband for so many reasons. One of them is because he agrees to do random things with me that most men wouldn’t to do. We recently had a 5 year anniversary photo shoot that was a lot of fun…well for me, but I am happy he agreed to do it!

© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-7858© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-8182

© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-8278© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-8361© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-8074© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-8068© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-7864
© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-7876© Christina Smith Photography_Shrull-8202

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Kraack
Bridal Gowns: Sarah Eileen
Photography: Christina Smith Photography
Custom Signage: Rachel Harvey Designs

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